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eduMFA is a modular authentication system. Using eduMFA you can enhance your existing applications like local login, VPN, remote access, SSH connections, access to web sites or web portals with a second factor during authentication. Thus boosting the security of your existing applications. Originally it was used for OTP authentication devices. But other “devices” like challenge response and SSH keys are also available. It runs on Linux and is completely Open Source, licensed under the AGPLv3.

eduMFA can read users from many different sources like flat files, different LDAP services, SQL databases and SCIM services. (see Realms)

Authentication devices to provide two factor authentication can be assigned to those users, either by administrators or by the users themselves. Policies define what a user is allowed to do in the web UI and what an administrator is allowed to do in the management interface.

The system is written in python, uses flask as web framework and an SQL database as datastore. Thus it can be enrolled quite easily providing a lean installation. (see Installation)

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